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Pro-Ject Debut Carbon
Pro-Ject Debut Carbon
Hegel H80
Hegel H80      Best of RMAF 2013?

KEF LS50  Uni-Q driver array
Product of the Year Stereophile 2013
Hegel H300
Hegel H300
Amp of the Year 2012 &2013
Quicksilver Silver 88
Quicksilver Silver 88 Class A rated
Pro-Ject Xtension 10
Pro-Ject Xtension 10

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Hegel H80

Hegel HD25

Hegel HD25 and Hegel P20

Hegel H30 and Hegel P30

Hegel H20

Hegel H300

Hegel Super, Hegel H80, and Hegel H300

Hegel H200

 Hegel HD11




Pro-Ject Xtension 10


Quicksilver Silver 88 Monoblocks

Review: "Might this be one of the greatest bargains in hi-fi? Even without a first rate preamp in my system, the Silver 88 delivered stunning resolution with both the Verity Lenore and Opera Grand Callas speakers. What made Quicksilver Audio's Silver 88 Mono Amplifier special was its harmonic presentation. I don't like to trot out that "truth of timbre" business, but it was there: Instruments and vocalists had a realism, a harmonic structure, that even the best solid state amplifiers can't seem to get right. And, oh yes, there was three-dimensionality: palpable presence and all that stuff." Stereophile

The Silver 88 amps are a Stereophile class A amp.

Quicksilver V4  

Customer Quotes:

Quicksilver Full Preamp and Quicksilver Silver 88 owner - I listened to two very different albums last night - the first a concert from the National Symphony Orchestra playing in Moscow (playing Russian composers along with "Stars and Stripes Forever" at the end), the second was a live Grateful Dead concert.  Both venue's had lots of crowd noise, etc. - much more information than i had ever heard with our old solid state electronics.  I am amazed at how much additional information seems to be on the records. We were delighted with your no-pressure approach, and letting us listen to our own music. Susan and I are very happy with the sound!

Hegel H300 owner - I wanted to thank you and Lori for a pleasant time yesterday and to let you know that all I can say is, I'm just "giddy" with the Hegel. Got it running with the maggies and all I can say is "WOW"
Hegel H300 owner - My experience with high end audio has largely been relegated to Mark Levinson, Ayre and NAD in solid state and Audio Research in tubes. I was drawn towards tubes because all of those solid state equipment brands had a certain "dryness" to it and often sounded a bit forward for my tastes. Meanwhile, the ARC equipment, while liquid and more laid back, had a certain fragility (other than "air") around the high end that seemed un-natural. The Hegel, remarkably, lacks any of those defective characteristics that I described for those brands of solid state equipment and the ARC brand of tubes.  It just sounds like very accurate music reproduction without sounding at all anaytical I'll bet Hegel pairs well with the Totem brand of speakers that you carry. It certainly sounds great with my Proacs and I've always felt that Totem and Proac share many attributes.
 I can't tell you how happy I am with the H300. It really is a beautiful sounding piece of equipment!  I went with the Hegel H300 on your recommendation as I was wanting to simplify my system. I did not suspect that I would actually be improving the sound of my system!  What I've come to appreciate about the Hegel is the value that it represents. "Value" can be a dirty word in the upper echelon of some audio circles but it is still a factor for me. I don't mind paying up for audio equipment but the other thing that strikes me about the H300 is the value which it represents. This is especially true if, like me, the owner utilizes the unit's excellent internal DAC. It's hard to quantify the worth of the H300 but if I were to take a wild guess, I'd say that I feel as though the H300, provides me with value equivalent to at least $8,000 worth of componentry at a list price of $5,500. It's a veritable "steal". Thank you again Don. Your recommendation has really rekindled my love of music listening. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Hegel P30/H30 owner - I had a friend over to listen this weekend.  He is the one who got me hooked on Tidal speakers.  He has the Diacera Contriva SE which cost about 3x what mine do.  He also has a pair of SET amps that many top reviewers and knowledgeable industry enthusiasts think they maybe the best SET amps in the world. The price of these amps is  $80,000 per pair.  Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that my friends system is fantastic.  He thought my system was just as good - and even better in some areas due to the quickness of a solid state amp.  Another compliment to Hegel! Well I got the amp setup and even with no break in and being on for only a few minutes it was already outstanding.  Now mind you, my Krell sounded very, very good.  The Hegel takes it up a notch (actually a large notch).  One of the main improvements that I noticed immediately was the lack of digital grain - you don't realize you've got it until you don't have it any more.  The bass is very taught and clear but not overpowering.  One of my favorite test tracks is Hotel California.  It sounded really good before but now - there is so much music going on and so many nuances. Vocal expressions and emotions that did not exist.  The music becomes so absorbing it takes all your attention.  I played a track from Jazz at the Pawnshop which contains a good amount a cymbals.
I have never heard such a clear and realistic representation.  As you can see I am really happy with my purchase.

Hegel P30 -  I listed my equipment for sale on Audiogon…that should be a testament to how I feel about the P30. My VAC preamp beat the CJ GAT preamp and others in my system.  To my surprise, the P30 edged out the VAC….bigger wall of sound/stage, especially height.  More information coming through.  Less smeared especially in lower registers.  Faster transients and better dynamics.  Not quite the equal on harmonics, but pretty darn close.   An amazing unit.   I spent 10 hours comparing across sacd and vinyl. There was a lively immediacy and vibrancy and silky smooth transparency that I haven't heard before in a preamp. It actually made my VAC sound a little congested and shut in. Which is amazing because that's how my Vac made CJ preamp sound. My brain was hoping the VAC would win, so the P30 was even playing at a mental disadvantage. But my ears were the judge. The P30 is a giant slayer for sure. A $7500 preamp that plays sonically like a 15-20k preamp. It was such a revelation I immediately listed my VAC for sale. Something I thought I would never do. Hegel has some secret sauce cooking for sure.

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