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Beautiful sounding audio gear for everyone. We can find equipment and prices to fit your needs. Occasional deals to be found.

6 years of happy customers (Please see my Google reviews). I always strive to provide an honest and technically correct answer to all questions. An engineering degree provides a basis for understanding the complex audio world. An undying joy for music fans the fire for the pursuit. 

We have some new products - things keep changing. If you have not stopped by in the last few months, I think you will be surpised and happy. We have the NEW KEF Reference 3 speakers. The Grace Designs DAC/monitor  m920 cool tech to be explored. Parasound keeps impressing me with sound and value. We are enjoying the new Pro-Ject Signature 10.


Pro-Ject Debut Carbon
Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

Parasound A21 power amp

KEF LS50  Uni-Q driver array
Product of the Year Stereophile 2013
Grace Designs - m920 DAC/monitor

Quicksilver Silver 88
Quicksilver Silver 88 Class A rated
Pro-Ject Xtension 10
Pro-Ject Xtension 10


Complete systems
KEF Q300, Yamaha AS501, and Pro-Ject Debut Carbon - $1550

Please see professional reviews and customer quotes below

Product Reviews:





Pro-Ject Xtension 10


Quicksilver Silver 88 Monoblocks

Review: "Might this be one of the greatest bargains in hi-fi? Even without a first rate preamp in my system, the Silver 88 delivered stunning resolution with both the Verity Lenore and Opera Grand Callas speakers. What made Quicksilver Audio's Silver 88 Mono Amplifier special was its harmonic presentation. I don't like to trot out that "truth of timbre" business, but it was there: Instruments and vocalists had a realism, a harmonic structure, that even the best solid state amplifiers can't seem to get right. And, oh yes, there was three-dimensionality: palpable presence and all that stuff." Stereophile

The Silver 88 amps are a Stereophile class A amp.

Quicksilver V4  

Customer Quotes:

Quicksilver Full Preamp and Quicksilver Silver 88 owner - I listened to two very different albums last night - the first a concert from the National Symphony Orchestra playing in Moscow (playing Russian composers along with "Stars and Stripes Forever" at the end), the second was a live Grateful Dead concert.  Both venue's had lots of crowd noise, etc. - much more information than i had ever heard with our old solid state electronics.  I am amazed at how much additional information seems to be on the records. We were delighted with your no-pressure approach, and letting us listen to our own music. Susan and I are very happy with the sound!

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