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“Our goal is to give music lovers the most natural and engaging listening experience possible. Real life sound from acoustic instruments and voices from known artists were our preferred reference point while developing Hegel, because nothing else would do”."

H300 Integrated 250 watt Amp with built-in DAC

H300The flagship integrated amplifier / DAC. The alchemists of old devoted their lives to finding a way to make gold out of stone. As far as we know they never succeeded. However, with the H300, we finally feel that we have. At least, from an audio perspective. On one side, the H300 is a spectacular integrated amplifier. With its 250 watts per channel, it is powerful enough to pair with even the most demanding loudspeakers on the market. Hegel's patented SoundEngine technology ensures completely undistorted and natural sound with a dynamic and powerful bass response. The H300 is, to a large extent, based on Hegel's Reference products rather than its smaller brothers. On the other side, it has 5 digital inputs and this is where the alchemy comes in. Hegel's digital inputs are designed with unique technology that can make your computer, streamer or other digital device sound extremely good. You can take some of the most affordable digital music players on the market, connect them to the H300's digital inputs, and get fantastic musical and dynamic sound.

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H80Our new H80 integrated amplifier with digital and analog inputs, technology from Hegel reference products has virtually been pouring down. Hegel’s patented SoundEngine output stages, the reference quality preamp and our critically acclaimed DAC - all in one box! H80 features 5 digital inputs with 24 bit technology, 1 balanced analog input and 2 unbalanced inputs. USB

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Hegel H30 amp and P30 Preamp


The H30 and P30 may be the BEST available sound at any price


P30The P30 is the best preamplifier ever developed by Hegel. With its patented technology and hand matched components, the P30 is a confident contender in the race towards being the best pre amplifier in the world. Regardless of price. Despite of what many hifi enthusiasts believe, pre amplifiers are actually one of the most difficult audio components to develop. At the same time it is one of the most important components in a well sounding system. The reason is that the signal strength is very low when entering the pre amplifier, and is therefore very susceptible high frequency noise and distortion elements. The most critical phase in the pre amplifier is the volume regulation, and in the P30 this is a master piece in it self. The physical volume control knob is only used to describe the desired volume output level to the array of Gigahertz MOS-transistors. These direct the music signal through a network of high quality resistors that reduce the signal level.

After the volume control circuit the signal is directed through the amplification circuit. For the first time ever we are using the patented SoundEngine technology in the pre amplifier. Combined with Hegel's use of hand matched FET transistors, this results in unsurpassed levels of musical distortion and noise. In total, the music signal will only pass through 2 transistors and between 1 to 3 resistors on its way through the P30. The sound you hear from the P30 can only be described as organic and very natural. To quote a journalist; "The Hegel sounds so much more natural than my previous reference. And it does so without flashing itself with gold and diamonds".

The Hegel P30 has 2 pairs of balanced inputs (XLR) and 3 regular unbalanced (RCA). In addition to this it has a Home Theatre input that allow you to integrate it in a Home Theatre system. The P30 also has a 3,5 mm IR-direct input and a 12V trigger output connector. The Hegel P30 is available in both silver and black finish, so it can be matched with both the H30 and H20 power amplifiers.

Technical Details

Volume, source and mute controlled by Hegel RC2 remote
2*XLR balanced, 3*RCA unbalanced and Home Theatre inputs
Selector for 6 input sources
1*XLR balanced and 2*RCA unbalanced outputs
3,5mm IR-direct jack, 3,5 mm jack 12V trigger output
Signal to noise ratio: More than 130 dB balanced mode
Crosstalk: Less than -100 dB
Distortion: Less than 0.005 %
Intermodulation: Less than 0.01% (19kHz+20kHz)

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